What is this service for ?

Certification-Assessment.com aims to help people to succeed in their exams, certifications and diplomas. Authenticated users can access complete courses with useful ressources for their training as quizzes. Free courses allows to try the service before paying anything. Then, you can be sure of the quality of the courses.

How to start a course?

You have to create an account to use our services. After being authenticated with a login and a password, you can access course ressources via the course page. Just click on the "Enrol course" button and pay the paypal fees if needed. Then, you can access to the complete course.

How long is a course enrollment?

It depends on the course ressources but this is usually one month long for quizzes. It is specified when enrolling the course.

What are the quizzes used to test your knowledge?

Quizzes, written by specialists of the assessed domain, are helpful in order to evaluate your knowledge with various questions, question types, examples and situations. You might select one or more answers and question banks mix different levels of difficulty. When you succeed in completing the passing rate of the quizz several times, you could be ready for the "real" stuff.

Do the quizz come with detailed feedback?

No, you can only check if your answer is good or not. Then you should work by yourself about misunderstood concepts or missed knowledges and restart your assessment later. This help you to focus on subjects where improvements may be needed and your training should be optimized by the way after reviewing the questions.

Is the online payment secure?

Paypal is responsible for managing the payment when you click on the Paypal button. The connection is crypted with SSL protocol and your data are safely stored and protected. Minimum information about product or service order is sent to paypal, no payment data as the credit card number is sent through internet when paying on Certification-Assessment.com.

Are my personal data protected?

Certification-Assessment.com is responsible for collecting some data about you when you visit the website as a guest, an authenticated user or as a student. These data are specifically needed for being able to use our services correctly. Plese review our Privacy Policy - GDPR for a detailed presentation. Be sure that protecting your personal data is our highest concern as well as providing high valued services.